Sunday, 8 April 2012

B i r t h d a y B e l o g


hai semua reader....

today is my belog birthday.

actually this is my third blog.

betul la org ckp "usia mematangkan kita"

dlu saja 'syiok' buat belog


i hope this blog will survive with me

i juz want to share anything that i think it is interesting for me

jika sya ada wt slh or trtulis apa2 yg mnyakitkn mata reader nk bca... 

tegurlah dgn penuh brhikmah

haaa....sorry tulisan sya ber ROJAK

kejap BI kejap BM belog my style...juz accept it with open heart :)

dgn rasminya lahirlah sebuah belog

l o v e a n d c h o c o l a t e

it means....

love = kasih sayang ( i need it..and everyone also need it right)

chocolate = sweet life ( i want my life is more sweet than bitter  )

thats all

~ a h l a n  w a s a h l a n ~

#credit to lyssasecret for the tutorial :)

ღ l o t s o f l o v e ღ

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